Sep29 Big Dreams

Money has never been a drive for me because I prefer to live a simple life.  I am not a brand name person, although I do appreciate quality.  I've photographed and drooled over gorgeous Louboutins and Jimmy Choos but I know I would never own a pair.  Fame is something that I don't strive for because it i [...]

Sep9 Selfiers

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this happen.  A group of gals gather together in excitement and one screams "let's take a selfie!".  A guy who happens to overhear offers to help them with the camera phone and the response he gets is a shattering "NO!?!  It's a selfie!!".  At this point, [...]

Aug28 Late For Class

When most people go to UofT for photos, they choose the signature buildings like University College, Trinity College or The Convocation Hall.  But truthfully, as a former student of UofT, I only went to those buildings to write exams and therefore, my impression of these buildings aren't the fondest.  Sidney [...]

Aug22 Running

I hate running.  During my elementary school days, the gym teacher would make us run a lap around the school block first thing every morning.  But instead of running the full block, I would cut across the teacher's parking lot so that I can shorten the distance.  For a kid my age who never broke any rule [...]

Aug15 Me? Buff?

So there were a lot of firsts for me at this wedding.  Thanks to my camera for giving me those biceps, I was called "buff" for the first time in my entire life.  Eight "uncle bobs" were allowed to hover freely over my bride and groom during the creative session.  I learned that feeding each other the tra [...]

Aug8 Best Dressed

She came in a big floppy beach hat.  He came in hiking sandals.  One was set for a lounge on the beach and the other was ready for a nature hike.  They each believed they were better dressed for the occasion.Turns out, a beach hat does work on a hiking trail and hiking sandals can easily be set aside whe [...]

Aug6 Skype

While most brides sit obediently for their make-up and hair session, Jenny busied herself with Skype.  Her friends even dressed for the occasion, putting on a suit and tie before joining the chat room.  And when her conversation started to break due to weak signal, Jenny jumped from room to room to salvage th [...]

Jul22 Nostalgia

As we waited for Larry and his groomsmen to show up, we lingered in the stairwell of Jenny's childhood home.  The wooden staircase looked like one that was painted a dozen times over.  The wall panels were the originals, she told me as she brushed her hand over it.  And although an onlooker would point o [...]

Jul10 No PDA

Laurence was willing to do anything for Stephanie except kissing in public.  He is a very private person.  He requested that we not do the photo shoot in the evening as people will be off work and most likely out and about.  I pretty much arm wrestled him down because I really wanted to shoot during the [...]