Aug15 Me? Buff?

So there were a lot of firsts for me at this wedding.  Thanks to my camera for giving me those biceps, I was called "buff" for the first time in my entire life.  Eight "uncle bobs" were allowed to hover freely over my bride and groom during the creative session.  I learned that feeding each other the traditional "tong yuen" with crossed arms is actually really difficult.  And my very first camera that I ever owned, the Yashica, made a cameo in the wedding photos.

This wedding is about new experiences and Karain and Derrick is all about new experiences.  They find joy in their music, their travels and their photography.  They are always on the look out for the latest and greatest board games and have a huge appetite for new foods.  Experiences, whether good or bad, is what makes a couple bigger, stronger and better for each other.  I truly believe this because Karain and Derrick are proof that it works.

To Karain and Derrick:  May you grow stronger and better every day together.  Congratulations my dear friend.  

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