Oct22 Obsessions

I rarely include dancing photos in my blog posts for several reasons.  People might not appreciate crazy wild photos of themselves broadcasted on the internet.  And my blog posts are almost always about the couple.  I like to write about their story, their experiences, my experiences with them, parts of the wedding that I find inspiring, etc.

In this particular post, however, what you are seeing is nothing but dancing photos.  During my very first meeting with Christopher and Mei-yan, we did a draft rundown of their schedule and I recommended approximate start and end times as I normally would during a first meet.  Christopher then asked that I tack on an additional hour at the end to cover more dancing photos.  And when I told him that 1.5 hours of dancing photos is a LOT of dancing, he said 'that's perfect!'.  That's when I realized that the after-party was the REAL wedding!

As the evening rolled around and when we thought the night was coming to an end, they cranked up the music and the dance floor was covered.  They were having the BEST TIME of their day during the BEST DAY of their lives.  That IS their story and so that's why I'm writing about it.

To Mei-yan and Christopher:  Thank you for bringing me on this wedding planning journey of yours.  Your craze for Star Wars is such a treat.  Your zombie imitations freak me out.  Your obsession over Lord of The Rings has influenced me to like it too.  Sometimes, I feel I gain so much from my couples and this was definitely one of those times.  Congratulations once again.  The journey has just begun!!

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