Dec2 Qipao

Qipao.  A timeless masterpiece.  The silky floral fabrics, simply nostalgic.  The craftsmanship, meticulous and perfect.  The Qipao, in my opinion, is a walking piece of art and the makers of the Qipao are the masters of this art.

Joanna had the privilege of wearing a qipao that her grandfather made for her school prom.  Years later, she had the opportunity to wear it again at her wedding.  It was a gorgeous piece and without a doubt, a timeless piece.  Paired with her 1960s up do, it indeed felt like we had went back in time.  I could easily have spent a full hour photographing her.

Jason, on the other hand, did not have the privilege of wearing something with equal historic value.  The traditional Chinese men's cheongsam sadly has not survived the test of time.  I mean, what men would want to wear a silky cheongsam that looks like a dress?  It is definitely a rare finding at this day and age.  Jason and his boys opted for the suit and bow-tie combo, going through stage after stage of tasks before they could get to the bride.  And although the cheongsam would have been more comfortable for those awkward yoga poses, I am sure they didn't mind compromising comfort for looks.

And that was the start to Joanna and Jason's big day.  The rest of the day was packed with hugs and kisses from family and friends.  Most importantly, Joanna and Jason didn't forget to have fun despite all the hustle and bustle.  By the end of the night, when we were all done packing and ready to go, I was pretty sure they were not sober enough to remember our goodbyes.  And those are the best parties, in my opinion.

To Joanna and Jason:  Congratulations for hosting such an amazing day and for entering into this journey of love and happiness.  As your friends, we are so happy for the both of you and wish you the very best.  

Hugs to my amazing photography, videography and photobooth team that day:  Albert Wong, Kevin Fung, Lucy Chang, Richard Loa, Danny Lee and Aaron Quan.  

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