Jan5 Imagine

When this couple decided they wanted me as their wedding photographer, they made a sign that read "Sandy! Will you be our photographer?" and took a selfie photo with their dog Lucy.  When I saw the photo, it was definitely one of those - I am so lucky to have such great clients - moments!  My next thought was, I need to reply.  And so with my limited resources and poor crafting skills, I grabbed West and did my own version of a selfie.  West to the rescue once again.

That began my adventure with these two folks - Debbie and William.  They are definitely visionaries.  They love to fantasize.  They love photos that tell a story.  So when we were brainstorming for the engagement session, there were no limits, no hesitations, no constraints...just a load of fun and experimentation.

If that was the engagement session, you can only imagine what their wedding would be like.  It was held at the Eglinton Grand and their first dance set the mood for the entire evening.  You can tell from the expression on their faces that they were thoroughly enjoying this brief moment of feeling like a celebrity, being at the centre of the stage with a beam of light shining upon them.  Having been with them from the beginning to the end, that moment was definitely a teardrop moment.  It was an accomplishment and I am so proud of these two peeps for pulling through with their vision.

Some weddings make me cry.  Some make me think how can I do better.  Some make me wonder what's the next big idea?  And some just make me sit and feel grateful for all that I have.  This wedding was all of the above.  Thank you to Debbie and William for bringing me on this adventure with them.  It has been an honour and a true pleasure.

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