Jan28 Scotch and PS4

"Nothing fancy.  Nothing Flowery.  Just the pure and simple truth."  That was on the front of the card that Min got for Veronica.  I think it is a very good summation of these two peeps and how they approached their wedding planning.  Simplicity.  From the heart.

Aubergine accents because that was the colour she loved.  A round of scotch for all the gentlemen despite the 20 min overrun.  A loose and feminine hairdo because that was her style.  A round of PS4 during groom prep because what else were they gonna do?  A table at reception dedicated for all their favourite boardgames.  And let's leave all our guests behind during dinner so we can take some nighttime street photos outside!

Despite it being a very long day for my entire crew, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it because nothing was cliche or overdone.  We truly got the Veronica and Min experience.  Even the mother-son dance was particularly amusing.  And his speech?  Well, we'll just have to wait for the video...

A special shout-out to my extremely talented and hardworking team:  Kevin Fung and Richard Loa on photo; Albert Wong and Ramon Cespedes on video.

And a special mention to the fantastic vendors:
Wedding planner - Berlyn Lai from Bloved Events
Make-up - Maggie Ng 
Hair:  Puzzle Creations
Venue:  One King West

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