May11 Happy Strides

Hello!  Been absent from the blogging world for quite some time but for good reason.  More on that later.  What I want to talk about today is this newlywed couple Christine and Gurpreet.

From engagement to wedding, their journey has been quite eventful.  Tine moved to New York around the time they got engaged while Gurpreet stayed in Toronto.  Adjusting to a new job, settling into a new city, finding an apartment and planning their Toronto wedding remotely were a few of the things she had to tackle.  Adjusting to a long distance relationship, making frequent weekend trips to visit her and getting wedding tasks checked off the list was his to-do list.  And they both took them in happy strides.

Every time I heard from Tine, she would tell me they've made great progress on their wedding planning.  She was always cheerful and so excited about what lied ahead.  And just watching their interaction, you can tell Gurpreet was already setting an example of a loving husband even before they were married.

As for where their future lies and which city they will be taking their married life, that is still to be decided.  One thing we know for sure, and I'm sure their friends and family will agree, is that no challenge will be too big for them to handle.  Life is not always going to be perfect and what's important is to take all obstacles in happy strides.

To Tine & Gurpreet:  Congratulations on the start to an amazing journey ahead.  You both are such an inspiration.  Thank you for teaching us that everything is possible and all the best in your new and exciting adventures.

Special thanks to my extremely hardworking team Kevin Fung, Jay Ong, Ramon Cespedes and above all, my husband Albert.  

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