Sep29 Chicken & Waffles

Chicken Waffles.  The mentioning of these two words makes Wen's eyes light up.  People go to the CNE for different reasons - for the rides, for the games, for the shopping.  We, however, go there for a single reason - for the food.  They are not luxurious meals and is almost always unhealthy and deep fried.  However, it is a once-a-year indulgence so we allow ourselves to go a bit crazy.  Wen and Kevin went for the chicken waffles, an obvious choice for them.  Albert, on the other hand, went for the honey garlic-fried chicken cheeseburger sandwiched between two Jamaican beef patties.  Now wasn't that a mouth full.

Enough about food though.  This post is about Wen and Kevin.  Before we indulged, we had a lovely engagement session walking the grounds of the CNE and its surroundings.  To backtrack a bit, I've known Wen for 3 years now.  She holds the record for sending me the most number of referrals even though she has never directly used my services herself...well, until now as she is due to get married in 2016 (hurray!!!).  First time I met her was in 2012 at Stephanie and Wei's wedding where she was a bridesmaid and also the groom's sister.  Then in 2013, Kevin came into the picture at a wedding she attended.  And at all the weddings subsequent to that, Kevin appeared over and over again.  I think everyone knew without a doubt that Kevin was a keeper.  It was just a matter of time when I would get an email from Wen inquiring about my wedding services.

I have photographed Wen countless number of times, as I said, at weddings that she has referred me to.  She was often a bridesmaid busily helping the bride here and there, keeping people on schedule, making sure all the ladies looked immaculate.  I am very much looking forward to seeing her in the white dress, this time being pampered by her girls while still keeping tabs on the schedule because that is something she will never be able to delegate.

To Wen and Kevin:  Happy Engagement and may the days leading up to your wedding in May be fun, stress-free and full of surprises.  

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