Feb7 Honest Love


For six years now, I have been seeking to accomplish an impossible task.  Portraying the feeling of love through my photography.

Love is something so personal and intimate.  It is intangible and expressed in different ways by different people.  Most importantly, it is a feeling that can be subtly influenced by many factors at that given moment, ranging from the weather that day to something that happened moments before the shutter clicked.

The funny thing that I recently learned, however, is that there is something more impossible than the impossible task at hand.  And that is photographing myself IN love with my precious baby Blythe.  I am so crazy in love with her that I have said the phrase "I wish I can freeze time" like a million times ever since she was born.  I am so crazy in love with her I get emotional while watching her sleep.  I am so crazy in love with her I actually miss her when I don't see her for 20 mins because daddy's giving her a bath.  How does one photograph love so great that one cannot even describe with words?

The Honest Love Project.  My attempt at portraying honest feelings and true love through imagery.  Whether it is with your belly bump on the verge of popping, a newborn bundle of joy or your two diehard 3 year old boys, that love you have for one another is a blessing to be remembered.  Join me on Saturday March 5th for a photo session with your loved one(s) where we explore this fascination called 'love'.  All are welcome, including pets.

Sessions start at $450 (includes a $150 credit towards prints & products).  Each session is one hour in-studio furnished as a home.  Please allow two hours for your visit as photo session will be followed by a preview session of your images.  For questions and bookings, please email me at info@sandytam.ca.


Studio Location:  344 Geary Ave Unit C, Toronto ON M6H 2C7


UPDATE:  Due to outstanding response, we will be hosting another session on Saturday April 16th.  Email us for details!

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