Mar10 Emma's Favourite

The three little monkeys that dangled from Emma's arms were half her size from head to toe, yet she had no problems holding all three.  You can tell she loved all three of them very very much.  However, amongst the three, you would be surprised to learn that she had a favourite.  His name was Caesar.  To me, they looked identical but to Emma, she could pick out Caesar in a heart beat.

When she sang "Three Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed", Caesar had priority take-off.  I later learned that Caesar was her favourite because she's had him the longest.  With a side by side comparison, you can tell that Caesar was indeed more worn out.

When it comes to a child's heart, there are no filters.  They wear it on their face and they express it with their actions.  Their love is pure and honest.  THIS is what The Honest Love Project is all about.

It has been two months in the making.  This past Saturday, we set-up shop in a beautifully lit studio and spent a day capturing moments that define The Honest Love Project.  Families arrived, made themselves comfortable and the wonderful moments, as I was so hoping for, magically appeared in front of me.  They interacted, they played, they hugged and they jumped.  Some pouted, some cried, some hid and some slept.  It WAS what it was.  Ordinary moments that tell the story of a family, and I loved every second of it.

And while I sift through the images from one family to the next, I am already jumping with joy for the next one to come.  Given the overwhelming response, The Honest Love Project is sticking around.  We are now taking bookings for our next session scheduled for Saturday April 9th.  Details can be found in my previous blog post here or simply send us an email to inquire.

Lastly, none of this would have been possible without the help of this extremely dedicated and talented team:
Lisa from WuLaLa Weddings for organizing and styling (and for lending me her living room couch)
House of Proper for lending us those beautiful vintage pieces
Ramon from RC2 Films for the promotional video (coming soon)
Mei Yan from Tell A Tale Beauty for make-up on our mommies
Ronald Tsang for his beautiful studio space
Stephen Looi for his ninja editing skills
Edwin Chan for his around-the-clock support both mentally and physically
My husband Albert for always being there and being everything to me
And my beautiful Blythe Wong, my love, my strength, my inspiration

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