Jul13 Happy Birthday

Happy First Birthday my sweet Blythe. 

Time flies when you are in absolute bliss.  There is no better word to describe it.  Perfect happiness and great joy. 

During those quiet moments when she is sitting by herself, fiddling with an object and reaching out to me as though she is trying to converse, I look at her and still cannot believe she is mine.  The big one year mark.  Unbelievable how far she has come from being a little dot on the ultrasound screen to an expressive little girl full of personality.  Insanely overwhelming.  Insanely spectacular.  Insanely surreal.

It has indeed been an overwhelming and fulfilling year.  Running two businesses while starting up the Honest Love Project, and all the while caring for my daughter was not part of the original plan.  I don't actually remember what our original plan was.  Maybe a year of just being a mom and nothing else would have been nice.  But then again, I had commitments to fulfil for my businesses and the Honest Love Project was calling out to me so much so that I couldn't ignore my instincts.  And so here we are.  My daughter is turning one year old and rather than planning her birthday party, I am blogging about our crazy and spontaneous everyday life.  

People ask me if I was to give one tip to any mommy-to-be, what would it be?  My answer will always be - continue to live your life and pursue your dreams.  Do not revolve your life solely around your child.  Include your child in your plans whatever those may be.  And while this may sound selfish from the surface, it is perhaps the best gift you can ever give your child.  

I truly believe in this and it has dictated how we run our lives, from the littlest things such as our feeding style to the bigger things like traveling.  She has come with us to weddings that we've photographed, she has been carried around while I attended client meetings and networking events, she has been dubbed the Pulp Function baby because she's been present at every show we've put on.  She has coped with our spontaneous lifestyle that involved missed lunches, long work days away from her crib and late nights being strapped to our backs while we wrapped up for the day.  And all this time, she has observed, grown, learned and persevered with us.  

Blythe is my everything.  She is an angel sent to me from above, reminding me that life can be challenging at times but it is worth fighting for because the best is yet to come.  I can say this because it took us three years to have Blythe.  Three brutally long years of being given hope, and then taking it away, and then given hope, and then taking it away....until we were finally blessed with her.  While we didn't know it at the time, we know it now.  She is the why and she is totally worth it even if it took us five years or eight years or ten years.

To all those who are going through rough patches whether at work, running your own business or with your personal life, let Blythe's birthday be a reminder to you that the BEST is yet to come.  Dream it.  Believe it.  Love it.  

All the best to all our readers and friends. 


Sandy & Blythe

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