Jan1 Up Up and Away

Healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Pulp Function.

In that order are my top three priorities for 2017 and I am very excited about this fresh start!

It has been a whirlwind of a year that is now behind us.  Those who have been following along in my journey will know that I have been juggling between my family life, my photography life and my Pulp Function life.  It has been one of my most rewarding and successful years but it did not come without hard work, grey hairs and plenty of weeping episodes that we can now laugh about.

2016 was the year where my abilities as an entrepreneur were pushed to its limits.  I have never worked so hard my entire life.  There have been moments where I asked myself why can't we just have a bit of "normalcy" in our lives.  But then again, it always comes back to what I truly believe in.  Why live with normal when there is so much more to living?  I wake up every morning excited about starting my day.  New ideas to pursue, new people to meet and new adventures to discover.  And I cannot imagine any other way to teach my daughter this life skill than to live it myself.

Of course, there are only so many hours in the day and my abilities as a human being can only reach so far before health and a balanced lifestyle gets compromised.  I begin 2017 with the difficult choice to take my photography business down a notch to allow me to focus on what's important to me right now.  I have so many new ideas for Pulp Function that are just waiting to explode out of my brain and onto paper.  I am excited about what lies ahead as I learn all about homeschooling Blythe and empowering her to grow into the little human she is meant to be.  And hopefully we can fit some reading and traveling into the agenda too.

To all my friends and family who are wondering what this means for Sandy Tam Photography, it means I will be taking only a very limited number of wedding bookings in the coming year.  I will continue to accept engagement and family photography sessions, especially if it involves cute babies and pets.

To all my past and present wedding couples, some of whom have been with me since the start of my business in 2008, I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have met you all.  As a photographer, one of the most important aspects of my career was to be given the freedom to create and explore, even if it meant putting myself in uncomfortable territory and pushing the envelope.  You gave me exactly that.  You gave me the freedom to create what I wanted to create, to discover what I wanted to discover and to reach heights that I have never reached before.  And you walked alongside me (often literally) every step of the way, tuxedos and wedding gowns and all.  I couldn't have asked for better clients.  And I definitely did not foresee such rewarding friendship as a result.

Since the very first day I became an entrepreneur, I have instilled myself into my business.  The way I dress is reflected in my branding.  The way I conduct a meeting is very similar to the way I speak to my friends.  We share the same favourite colours, the same values, the same beliefs and the same dreams.  While Pulp Function and Sandy Tam Photography are two separate businesses on paper and offer very different products/services, the spirit behind both is still me.  I am my business as much as my business is me.  Welcome to the next level.

HUGE thank you to our friends Melia [ Lucida Photographyand Jennifer [Hello Inspira ] for the much valued family photos that we now cherish.

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