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My favourite part about life?  No matter how hard we try to control what happens to us and around us, we are merely a boat drifting with the current not quite knowing where it will take us.

Hello, my name is Sandy Tam.  I am a writer, photographer, designer, mom and wife.  I am here to inspire and influence change.  I know I cannot control the outcomes of my endeavours but I can inspire, influence and impact. 

The Honest Love Project is a culmination of my life’s endeavours that I like to call projects.  Each are at a different stage in its journey but there is always a beginning, middle and end.  Nothing lasts forever and there is not one thing that defines who I am.  There is always a climax (that’s already happened or am still waiting to happen) where the project takes on a life of its own in a surprising and miraculous way.

Join me as I discover, learn, create and experience life’s possibilities one project at a time.