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Driving vs Flying

There is something about ‘needing to get somewhere’ that always throws me off.  I am always hustling.  Hustling to get through my to-do list. Hustling to get the kids fed. Hustling to pack. Even hustling from one date to the next since meeting up with friends has been a priority recently.  I am always hustling from one point to another, from one thing to another, from one purpose to another. Finally, one day someone asked me a question – Why?  Where am I trying to get to?  What am I doing?

And when I thought hard about this question, the answer became so ridiculously clear.  No where, no reason, no purpose. 

Everything I need and am looking for is right in front of me.  Even as I am writing this post, I had to break several times because Daryl was being funny and I didn’t want to miss it.  Everything I ever wanted is flashing right before my eyes.  There is no where else I need to be but here.

At the initial stages of planning our move to Vancouver, we assumed we would just fly out there and have our belongings shipped. And then one day, the thought dawned on me. How about driving? And the moment I brought it up with the hubs, we both nodded excitedly in agreement. Yes, let’s drive!

We knew this will be one of the most memorable trips we would ever take as a family together.  I also saw this as a chance for us to pare down and really live out the notion that ‘home is wherever our family is’ without all our possessions.  

Being raised in a traditional Chinese family, hustling is our mantra.  There is no gain without pain.  But what I’ve discovered is that when hustling becomes the sole focus, then you miss the payout big time. With this road trip, I really wanted to enjoy our time spent on the road and practice being present because I know I have lived the majority of my life doing quite the opposite. 

On this trip, I wanted to enjoy all the stops, even the little ones through towns that we might never have heard of. I wanted to enjoy the moments inside the car that may or may not be joyful and pleasant. I wanted to soak in the sun, the rain, the wind and the clouds. I wanted to picnic under the sun and camp under the stars. I wanted to talk to strangers and smile at passersby. I wanted to incapsulate every moment that we experience as a family on this trip, like those moments that I used to capture with my camera.

Those who knew of me in the past might recall that I started a photography project that was also called the Honest Love Project. The concept was quite simple. People normally place lots of emphasis on creating extraordinary moments such as on their birthdays or wedding days. I wanted to capture the beauty and the memories made on simple, ordinary days. I strongly believe that it is these ordinary moments that often create the best memories.

So along the same lines, I am ready to create some long lasting memories with my family on this road trip where people, places and things are literally fleeting before our eyes because it is often these in-between moments that gives us reason and purpose.

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